How To Delete A Yik Yak Comment

How do I delete posts on the Yik Yak platform?

How do I delete every comment posted on Yik Yak?

You cannot cancel your Yik Yak account; however, you can delete all your data, which will also delete all traces of activity associated with your account. You can delete everything by selecting “More options”. Select the “Delete all of your data” option in this case. If you choose to proceed this way, you will give up all your yaks, comments and yaks.

Please tap on the comment post of your choice to select it. Just below the post is a link labelled Read More. Select Delete, then click the Confirm button.

Can you delete a reply that you have sent to a thread?

You can delete comments on posts you have made on Instagram, including your own as well as comments left by other users. Only comments you submit from other users’ positions can be deleted. Your replies to other users’ posts will be permanently visible until you delete them.

When you right-click on the comment you want to delete, select “Delete Comment” in the context menu that appears.

Has a user’s identity ever been revealed through a Yik Yak post?

The anonymity provided by YikYak is a cause for scams. Although YikYak enables you to post under a fictitious name, your true identity will eventually be discovered. yikYak does not utilize any personally identifiable information within the program itself; however, to use the program, you must provide your phone number, GPS location, device ID, and perhaps some network information.

If you delete a comment posted by another person on Facebook, it will be permanently removed from view. If a user returns to the page where the offensive comment was placed, they will see that the Word has been deleted, but they will not be alerted that the statement has been removed. Users who have been permanently banned from the site will not be able to comment on any of your posts in the future.

Facebook page administrators are unable to delete unpleasant comments posted to their pages. Users can “flag” a comment to notify a Facebook employee that the comment should be removed. However, for a comment to be classified as flagged, the comment must have at least one comment.

If you remove the ability for users to leave comments on a post, all previous comments will be deleted. When words are enabled on a post, the user’s last comments are preserved, and they can participate in the conversation again.

When a comment is deleted, what effect does it have on the thread as a whole?

On Facebook, if you delete the first comment in a thread, the thread itself is deleted.

If a comment is deleted from a YouTube video before the creator can view it, then the creator will never see the deleted comment. However, if the person who first posted the comment has comment email notifications enabled, Word may still exist and be accessible via email.

Should you delete critical comments on your social media accounts?

It is not appropriate to delete all negative responses. It is up to you to decide whether or not to delete critical comments. There is no danger in deleting comments, even if they include vulgar language or are irrelevant to the discussion. On the other hand, if they have a genuine complaint, deleting their words would be a terrible idea.

If you leave the same comment on many different videos, your account has a greater chance of being flagged as spam. This can happen if many people report your comments as spam. In this case, features you could previously use, such as the ability to comment on videos, will no longer work for you. The spam filter on YouTube will immediately delete any irrelevant further comments.

Users may still be monitored and recorded Even if they can post anonymously on Yik Yak.

On college campuses, the location-based anonymity software, Yik Yak, has become a haven for cyberbullying and has been used as a tool for cheating.

Users have explained Yik Yak: “Yik Yak is a social message board that connects you to the people around you anonymously.” Yik Yak’s anonymity feature, which allows users to post any message without fear of being judged, is one of the platform’s most vital selling points.

  1. Launch a file type on your computer, such as a document, spreadsheet or presentation.

  2. Click on the “More” comment and choose to modify, delete, or both.

  3. Choose between “Edit” and “Delete”.

Is there a way to clear all comments on a thread?

Select them by clicking the right button on your mouse. After selecting all the unwanted comments, a single right-mouse click will bring up a contextual menu that lets you choose to delete them. Find the “Delete Comments” or “Delete Comments” button, depending on whether you are using Excel or Office 365. click this button to get rid of all selected comments.

How can I delete all track modification comments at the same time?

  1. Open Word and make sure it is ready to go.

  2. Select the “Review” option from the main menu of the Words application.

  3. Select “Review” from the drop-down menu that appears after selecting “Review” from the menu.

  4. Click on the down arrow next to the Delete option to clear any comments from the file.

What steps do I need to take to access the comments section?

Will Instagram comments be permanently deleted?

You can delete comments on posts you make on Instagram, including your own as well as comments left by other users. Only comments that you submit on other users’ positions can be deleted. Your replies to other users’ posts will be permanently visible until you delete them.

  1. Select “Review” and then “Accept” or “Reject Moderation” to perform an in-depth analysis of each adjustment.

  2. In the Comments section of the Review tab, click the down arrow next to Delete, and then select Delete all comments from the file option.