How To Delete Chess Account

Use the application for your smartphone operating system, Android or iOS, and follow the steps below to delete your account. When the button is touched, the report will be selected. After that, on the next page, you go to the bottom and choose the “Click here” link.

Even if an account is deleted, its associated information, such as group membership, may still be saved in the database. Gamers can send support requests to reactivate their previously closed accounts.

What are the chances of regaining a deleted chess account?

Email the support team at to find out how to proceed and if it is possible to recover your account, which will allow you to recover all your data and settings. Can you recover your budget and all your previously saved settings, game ratings, friends, etc?

Can I be kicked out of

Members who engage in inappropriate activities such as spamming, taunting, or any other violations of the following community standards may be subject to various repercussions, including suspensions that may be temporary or permanent.

Is it possible to use with two different accounts simultaneously?

You can have two accounts on if you contact the support staff and get their permission. If there are no clear instructions on the account that the support staff has authorized this action, it is still considered cheating. If you only need a new login, please visit this place. There are multiple situations where you may need two accounts.

If your account is cancelled because it violates the Fair Play Policy in the Terms of Service, all future accounts you create will be cancelled after they are made. To restore access to the site, contacting support is the first step you need to take. openly states that it uses machine learning to guess possible human moves. It has lifelike representations of some famous chess players that everyone can compete against in the game. Similar models are used to detect dishonesty.

Yes, this has happened to me more than once while playing the game. Someone has found a solution to this problem. It’s almost as if your opponent has an extra turnout of thin air.

The game has not one but two opponents, and each one keeps their score separately. You can only delete games in which you compete with the computer.

It is possible to use the same email address. You are welcome to start by deleting this account.

Because of the forced capture rule, losing games often include long sequences of forced captures by one player. This shows that even a tiny mistake can have a catastrophic effect on the game at any time. These mistakes can occur immediately from the beginning of the game; it is now well known that after 13 of White’s 20 legal opening moves, Black can win the game and force a draw.

Select Home from the menu in the screen’s upper right corner. After that, select the option labelled “Privacy”. There is a slider available to adjust the amount of anonymity.

The staff, just like the staff of any other website, can monitor your location based on your IP address. This information is confidential, and not even the moderators can access it.

When will this madness end? First, our system will provide a warning; if the sign is ignored, the speech will be banned for one hour. If you curse again, you will be kicked out of the online board game for half an hour.

If you leave in the middle of a chess match, will you be kicked out of the chess game?

If you leave a tournament too often, you cannot do so for a while. If you cannot play because of this, your only options are to either resign or face the additional penalties discussed previously, including quitting the tournament early or changing equipment.

When you give up a game, it indicates that you feel that your opponent has reached a point in the game where the only way to lose is to make a catastrophic mistake. To show respect for your opponent, you should not assume they will make the same mistake.

  1. To get answers to frequently asked questions, click on the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab at the top of the page.

  2. To deactivate your account, go to this website and click “Go Here”.

  3. Read the guidelines for cancelling your account carefully and take your time doing so.

  4. Mark the box indicating that you are sure you want to delete your account, select why you want to delete your account and click the Delete my account button.

On, Smurfs are not allowed unless the user has a title or has permission from the site. However, if you have a title, you are only allowed to have a secondary account, and if you consciously avoid reaching level 1000, you will be permanently banned from the game.

Is it an excellent investment to sign up for a Gold membership? Investing your money in the Gold program is a wise decision. You can start by ending the annoying ads that keep appearing on Plus, for a relatively inexpensive monthly fee, you get unrestricted access to all the game’s puzzles, bots and courses.

Do I need a account to play against real people?

If you still need to register with or want to play without associating your real name with, please check out our Guest Games feature. Either way, you can use this feature! Your first task is to cancel your account. For those of you who still need an account, they should start here.

*fair play* vs *closing* I’ve only seen one particular example of fair play, but I have no doubt there are earlier cases as well.

Is it possible to re-enter after being banned? can track by using information such as your device’s IP address and your WiFi network’s IP address. If they find that you are using multiple accounts, all of your accounts may be permanently disabled.