How To Delete Hily Account

How do I remove the Hily app from my device?

After completing your purchase, you can always go to the Settings section of your iTunes or Google Play account to change your subscription or turn off automatic member updates.

Should we put our faith in Hily? The dating platform known as Hily is indeed real. There is no need for anyone to be afraid of becoming a scam victim.

What is the process of uninstalling the Grindr app?

  1. We are launching the Google Play Store app.

  2. To see your profile, select your image from the top right corner.

  3. Select the option labelled “Subscribe and Pay”.

  4. Select to get a subscription instead.

  5. Select the Delete Grindr option from the menu.

  6. To terminate your subscription, select “Unsubscribe” from the options when asked to do so.

  7. When you cancel, you will receive a cancellation confirmation email.

You can access the Google Play memberships you have purchased through your Android device. Determine which of your memberships need to be cancelled. Pick the option that allows you to terminate your membership. Just do what it says.

Both Tinder and Hily include similar features, including video chat, options to enhance pages, the opportunity to meet people from different countries, and the ability to hate profiles. Tinder has a much lower monthly fee than Hily, but the latter does not offer a live-streaming service.

Who owns Hilys?

Yan Pronin and Alex Paskov founded Hills. Pronin’s expertise in data analysis and modelling inspired him to develop the program concept. The program matches individuals based on their common interests rather than considering factors such as location or physical attractiveness.

Your account could be closed if you keep sending the same message repeatedly. At Hily, there is a zero-tolerance policy for predatory behaviour. If a user engages in fraudulent or otherwise illegal efforts to access another user’s personal information, their account may be banned for their actions.

The information of users who have been permanently banned for violating our community guidelines will be removed from the application. This includes messages received and messages sent. It is also possible they have destroyed their Grindr profile, which will delete all their messages, including any statements they have shipped. If they have done so, their messages will disappear along with their profile.

Grindr users have the option to delete their profile on the platform themselves or to contact customer support. When a user removes their shape from an application, it may take up to a day to remove that profile from its database. After being deactivated by Customer Support, the profile will be removed from the application within the next forty-eight hours.

You can deactivate automatic payments for the service at any time by going to the Manage Subscriptions section of your account’s Settings page. If you have any concerns or if you would like to cancel your membership, please send an email to [email protected].

What steps must I take to remove the app from my iOS widgets?

  1. Set up as. Mail. If the application you want to use is not currently displayed on the Home screen, swipe left to access the application library.

  2. Tap. Account . .

  3. Select an email account from the list displayed under the Accounts heading.

  4. Tap on it. Place the stop payment on top. Here, you should scroll down a bit. Here it is.

  5. Tap the button to confirm. I already left my iPhone!

You should know that by uninstalling the Grindr app from your phone without first making a backup; you will lose all your conversation history, including chats, saved phrases and pictures. However, the features of your profile, such as your photos, about, favourites, and blocks, will remain intact.

  1. Put the control button in the open position.

  2. Select Subscribe from the menu of available options.

  3. Select the Delete Account option from the menu.

  4. Confirmation must be made by clicking.

What steps must I take to stop receiving emails from Crush Date?

  1. When changing your profile, please go to “My Profile”.

  2. Select the tab labelled “Billing Details”.

  3. A list of available plans will be displayed; select the program you want to see by clicking on the plan name in the list.

  4. Select the button corresponding to the action you want to take to cancel your membership.