How To Delete Shaddi Com Account

1 It is possible that your profile has been temporarily deleted for verification purposes. You can activate your profile immediately by going to, entering the required information, and logging in. If you have not logged in for more than 180 days, your profile may be terminated; this may happen automatically.

  1. Logging in to your account will allow you to change your profile.

  2. To start the process of uploading photos, you just need to select the “Upload Photos” option.

  3. You should see a tab for editing photos; select that tab.

  4. Select Delete Photo to delete the image entirely, or select Make Primary Profile Photo to use it as your primary profile photo. Selecting one of these options will delete the picture.

Can my Shaadi profile be private?

Click here and select the “Hide/Remove Profile” option from the drop-down menu to remove your profile from temporarily.

Where can I find instructions for making changes to my profile?

  1. Go to the “Home” tab, which can be found in the far left corner of the Shaadi screen.

  2. Once you have found your profile ID, select the “Edit Profile” item from the menu.

  3. You can make changes to certain aspects of your profile, such as the sections under “Basic Information”, “About Me”, and “Religious Information”.

Are only Indians able to use the website?

India, Pakistan and Bangladesh remain the main areas of concentration for; however, the company’s presence in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States is a testament to its worldwide reach and success.

Adding images is risk-free, as we offer various photo privacy settings that allow you to decide who can see them. You can submit up to 20 images. Each photo must have a file size of less than 15 megabytes and be saved in jpg, jpeg, png or web format.

On the website, you may encounter a section labelled “Blocked People”.

You can “block” other users on Matches if you do not want certain members’ profiles to be seen by them or contacted by you. If you do this, the shapes of these members will be transferred to the “Blocked Members” list, which can be found in the “Recently Viewed” option.

Can you search with a person’s name?

Alternatively, you can search by the profile ID of certain members on, which is another option for you.

Is there any way to see if a particular user is active on

Yes, you can do this on our website by going to the “Advanced Search” page and looking for people who are currently online and available to talk to. After going to Search > Chat Status, go to the Advanced Search option and select “Only profiles available for chat” from the drop-down list.

Your profile has piqued my interest, and I would like to speak with you over the phone to learn more. I am a lady from Earth, now living in New Delhi, who has achieved high success in both career and education. My goal is to speak with someone who has experience comparable to yours. If you are interested, please contact me via email.

Can I remove my information from without having to pay?

At, members can communicate freely at any time. You can connect with other users by clicking the “Express Interest” button on each user’s profile page. These members of will have a notification of your interest in their inbox, and they will also receive information about it.

Which website offers the best opportunity to find an Indian spouse?

  • You’ve seen an ad for Jeevansathis marriage site on TV or read an article about it in the newspaper.


  • BharatMatrimony.






Anupam Mittal eventually changed the company’s name from to after its inception in 1997. was the original name of, an online wedding service in India.

Recently, the minister observed that the most searched term received on is neither “IAS” nor “IPS”, as one would expect. Instead, the term “founder of a startup” should be used.

Send your visitors a link that opens in Google Photos or DropBox. The most frequent and well-known technique for collecting and distributing images is to use Google Photos or DropBox. They do not cost anything as long as they stay within the free space. Please send a link to everyone attending your wedding and encourage them to upload their photos.

  1. FACEBOOK. Your potential bride’s friends and family will likely be active Facebook users who want to post comments on this platform.


  3. FLICKR. Flickr is a well-known and established social networking site, so chances are your new bride will be posting her wedding photos there.

  4. Extras.

  5. Her own page.


  7. Wedding photo swap.

  8. Cluster.

One of the most reputable Indian marriage sites, Rishton Ka Sansar, has a section dedicated to people looking for second marriages. We have a large number of profiles of people interested in second marriages. is a reliable matrimonial site that is available to all members of the community.

Vivaah is one of the leading matrimonial service portals, which provides users with a database of thousands of Indian and Desi brides and grooms with their matrimonial profiles along with images. Our matching service is known for being completely free of cost.

Here are Shaadi’s photos and profile. How do I know if the chat message I sent to my Match was successfully sent? We have tried to make the user interface as simple as possible, just like any other social networking site. The message is considered to have been sent when there is only one tick. When you see a 2Double tick, it indicates that the message has been successfully sent.

Can people you block on Match still access your profile after you stop them?

If you block another user from viewing your profile by clicking the block button on their page, they can see it once you remove that block. Go to that user’s profile, connect the three dots in the upper right corner, and select the block option.

How many people are using Shaadi now?

When choosing a life partner, has completely rewritten the rules, and it has done so for over 350 million people worldwide out of over 350 million.

  1. Go to the “Home” page.

  2. You can access your account settings by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen.

  3. To continue, select “Hide/Remove Profile” from the menu.

Put yourself out there and show interest in other members by taking your first action. You can respond to other members who show interest in you by accepting or declining their invitation to talk to you. You can use filters to avoid the good of others who do not fit your chosen parameters for a possible marriage.

How can I identify a premium member in Shaadi?

Can I limit my search to premium members that fit my profile? Every premium member delivered to you will have a premium tag. This tag will be displayed on the member’s image. Users of the website or mobile browser can select “More Matches” under the “Matches” section to view premium matches.

  1. Introduce yourself with a message that can be serious or light-hearted.

  2. Start a conversation with her about yourself.

  3. If you feel brave enough, send a picture of yourself.

  4. Praise her for her accomplishments.

  5. Ask a funny question.

  6. Laugh a little and make fun of her.

  7. Include some steamy emoticons here.

  8. It is best to send only a few messages in a row in a short period.